Our Services

Commercial Vegetation Management

We have a fleet of specialized
equipment that will meet any type
of vegetation removal or maintenance issue. Saw trucks, whole tree mulchers and more…

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Civil Construction Services

We specialized in all types of site preparation including land clearing, excavation, dirt work, grading,
compaction and concrete. We own state of the art dozers, scrapers…

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Utility Line Clearing

Our tree crews are SAFE, fast and
reliable. We practice continuous
training for proper trimming and safety. Our bucket trucks, saw trucks and chippers are meticulously…

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Railroad Right of Way Clearing

This is our specialty! We have the
largest and most diverse fleet of on-track cutters and off-track mulchers in the U.S. You will not find crews or operators who have…

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Wind Farm Land Clearing & Site Prep

Looking for someone with wind
farm construction experience?
We have completed multiple
wind farm projects…AHEAD of

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Solar Farm Land Clearing & Site Prep

Need it done fast? We have
experience in solar farm land
clearing, mulching, site prep, road construction, and pad site

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Family Owned and Operated

Serving South Central Texas with over 75 years of combined experience on our workforce. We use state of the art equipment to clear and prep your site accurately and efficiently.

  • Our machines are GPS equipped to improve accuracy of work
  • Forestry Mulchers are able to selectively remove unwanted brush without damaging valuable trees and are twice as fast as traditional bulldozers.
  • Brush Beetle machines devour trees and brush up to 36” in diameter, with stumps cut to ground level, leaving a smooth, drivable terrain behind.
  • FAE Rock Crusher pulverizes the hardest rocks up to 22” in diameter, to an ideal base for crushed rock roads.

Cedar Beetle Inc