Has your property been overtaken by the invasive cedar tree? We can help!

Has your ranch been hit hard by the drought? We can remove dead trees and brush to help speed the recovery process.

 The valley pictured here was COMPLETELY COVERED in cedar trees so thick you could not walk through them. There appeared to be no oak trees before Cedar Beetle began work.To get an idea of the amount of cedar we took out, notice how thick the surrounding areas are. Let us turn your cedar infested land into a hill country show place! NO BURNING REQUIRED.

In the 1800’s most of central Texas was grassland, scattered with live oak and pecan (see picture). Abuse such as overgrazing and other harmful agricultural practices has allowed the water-guzzling cedar to overtake our land. Cedar and brush mulching is the most ecologically progressive and cost effective technique available to Texas land owners.

Cedar grows much faster than other trees and chokes out desirable vegetation including oaks, pecans and even native grasses. Cedar trees (which can drink 65 gallons of water per day) create a lack of water, killing the surrounding trees and draining the water table. After cedar removal some landowners have seen creeks that were dry, begin to run again and springs come alive that were seemingly not there!

Unlike most methods of land clearing, we can selectively remove cedar and brush without damage to other trees and the ground. This helps restore your land to its natural state. 


Using light-weight but powerful forestry mulchers, we grind all unwanted trees and brush into mulch. The nourishing layer of mulch left behind will hold soil in place during rain, retain moisture and provide a protective cover for new growth, allowing the land to revert back to its native condition.  We can seed your land with native grass while clearing cedar or brush and the mulch will protect your seed from wind, water and other elements.

The picture above was taken the SAME DAY that we removed dense thickets of cedar and brush. Notice there is no damage to the ground or the valuable trees!

Contact us for a free consultation and start the process of restoring your land. We offer the most ecologically progressive techniques for land clearing, cedar removal and brush clearing in the Texas Hill Country, San Antonio area, Junction, Texas and all of Central Texas. For more information about our ranch construction and development services click here.

For more pictures of Cedar Beetle work visit our PHOTO GALLERY.

Our forestry mulchers can effectively remove cedar, clear brush and improve your land in the Texas Hill Country, Central Texas, South Texas and San Antonio, TX areas.  Cedar Beetle provides cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services in the following Texas counties: Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Menard County, Comal County, Bandera County and Kerr County. Our cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are available in and around New Braunfels Texas, Austin Texas, Bulverde Texas, Utopia Texas, Lost Maples area, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Menard Texas, Rocksprings Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas, Boerne Texas, Uvalde Texas, Leakey Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Kerrville Texas, and many other areas that have become infested with cedar.